Boots "Saint Martin", 1450-1491

Product no.: SMK-016
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Boots, very high, 15th century,

This shoe is made using the reversible sewing technique, i.e. it is sewn together on the inside (the side with the acne) and only then carefully turned to the correct side (the side with the scar). As a result, no seam is visible on the outside.

An additional outsole is not applied; historically correct, the shoe consists only of upper leather and insole. Partial soles or doubled outsoles can be ordered by mail for an additional charge.

Historical: depending on the era, reversible or welted; as close to the originals as possible

Modern: Inexpensive variant with historical cut but modern production (glued, machine sewn)

LARP: Modern version with extra rubber sole

Colors see selection, special colors (e.g. red colored) please contact us by mail.

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