17th Shoe Rijks

Product no.: BA-009
500.00 / pair(s)
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 17th Shoe Rijks 

This model is made by a good friend also ashoemaker from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Pavel represents the same values of regionality and sustainability as we do.

This shoe is made after historical originals with the same technique and materials 

Please arrange special requests by mail.

Modern: Inexpensive variant with historical cut but modern production (glued, machine sewn)

LARP: Modern version with extra rubber sole


Colors see selection, special colors (e.g. red colored) please contact us by mail.


Product Note Status Price
low-shoe, Bad Windsheim, approx. 1520 low-shoe, Bad Windsheim, approx. 1520
from 340.00 € / pair(s) **
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, **
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